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Lotus of flames

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q: ....not dead leaves anymore, but lotus of flames ...


R: Dear Friend, to your (assumed) ignorance I can add mine; nevertheless I'll put forward some propositions that I consider undisputable.

It is typical of the postulant not to know. It is typical of the profane to talk nonsense. Therefore, if an “aspirant” talks mixing up words, propositions and meanings, it is not an aspirant talking, but only someone who “whispers in the wind”. Here the distinction between “aspirant” and one who “whispers in the wind” is obvious and unmistakable.

The soul is the true Disciple, whilst the inferior self will always be the eternal aspirant. If he wants to reach the goal, that is the soul, he must reorganize his own research each time , becoming more conscious and responsible about what he needs to “do and have” in order to reach it (the Initiation).

What I mean is that I don't believe in the “miracle” of those who think of serving their own soul (which is the occult Master of the impermanent self), ignoring every bit of Teaching or mixing up the “Love of Flame” (1st ray) with motherly love.

Unfortunately mass esotericism is of a generic kind; therefore it is not keen on scientific uprightness. Nevertheless the word is quite clear: initiatory science , not opinions or meaningless debates. When esotericism is only a pastime it's not a matter of ignorance, of “not knowing” and deserving help, but only of presumptuousness and arrogance.

If someone expects to face the initiatory path through emptiness of ideas and a shallow attitude it means that he is either malicious, and I don't think so, or he's still wrapped up in the shadow of illusion, where he'll stay for God knows how long.

It would be better to look and listen to oneself whilst “doing and saying”, searching one's heart, before trying to understand something more consistent than the emotional-astral “impressions”.


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