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Athos writes: ...I find it difficult to “imagine” “how to do” something after having only read theoretically, “what to do” and why. Theory will never replace practice and when the latter is missing my only answer will be one you have read God knows how many times. My advice is: “find yourself an Expert and Strict Brother” but he must be a true expert. That is a guide that has already reached the goals he’s indicating to you; I’ve done this and I found what I was looking for.

Dear Athos,
with regards to what you write, that is how difficult it is to imagine how to do even knowing what to do, I think that finding “Ariadne’s thread” – how to find it – it’s impossible to imagine if nobody shows you. The development of a reasonable and logical mind is not enough to emancipate the individual. One needs to keep one’s attention alert and be consistent with it. In my case is quite a big task.

This intermittency of conscience (being and not being) breaks any rhythm of work, making difficult even the easiest tasks.

Humankind, on the other hand, shows all its slowness through its behaviours, making the same mistakes again and again, with a nonexistent historical memory, despite plenty of “examples of rightness” during all ages.

By elaborating your advice, dear Athos, the importance of the meaning of «deciding» is striking. This is a key word, a door to open. It contains every possibility but it doesn’t allow “imagine how to do”.

It is surely a necessary requirement in order to overturn the situation of those who get stuck in their illusory safety; it seems strange, but illusions cost lots of energy to keep alive.

The time of an individual life is short and the responsibility of one’s own behaviours, more or less corresponding to one’s choices, grows together with the knowledge.

I think that what the Masters of Wisdom call the pain of knowledge depends especially on this. The conscience is more sensitive and therefore is more aware of the reality of the physical mind, in which it is plunged. It stops being trampled on and starts reacting to its sensations, according to the standards of its own awareness and responsibility towards its soul.

Looking for the support of an Expert and Strict Brother, then, is useful as well as right, if one doesn’t want to be blindfolded when facing obstacles. On the other hand, if we don’t learn that today is decided our future karma (fate), we’ll stay on the Threshold of the Path, in the «Hall of the Lost Steps» where time is lost as well. And when we are aware of an “initiatory Door” at which we are supposed to knock and we don’t do it, this means turning our back to the evolution: ours.

I couldn’t quantify the entity of such a refusal, but I think that even “temporizing in doubt” is for the soul the same as disertion.

A fraternal embrace
Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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