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Magic squares
by Athos A. Altomonte

The magic Square is made by phonemes (Words of Power) or by Numbers. Numbers are never repeated therefore every Number appears only once. Furthermore, the sum of the figures on the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines give always the same result.

Apollonius of Tyana taught how a magic Square, if it is well done, gathers energy becoming a powerful talisman.

For Pythagoras, Ficino, Paracelsus and many others the use of magic Squares could also be therapeutic and goes back to the old times of the Mysteries of Osiris, when the relationship between Number-Sound-Color was already known.

The Number of perfection

The primeval Yod is supported by nine pillars.

These nine pillars are placed in the nine directions of the world. They are arranged in straight lines, three in each direction and one in the center.

These three points arranged as a square make nine, which are actually eight.

These are the thrones of the sacred Yod. – (Book of the Zohar II/180)

Nine is the number of the forces that support the system of manifestation and, as it is said in the archaic cosmogony, their itinerary inside the Matter.

We can visualize this cognition with the Seal of Apollonius of Tyana that we see below. If we reveal the Seal we see the cardinal points which “ the 9 directions of the world” correspond to, as mentioned in the Jewish Book of the Zohar. Nine vital currents whose numbers express the energetic qualities and characteristics.

The magic Square brings us back to the motion of energy in the matter (see article “Motion of the Matter”), following the Cycles-Cadences-Rhythms of the great systemic planetary wave-force.

The magic Square represents the energy of the 9 levels of the physical manifestation that starting from the intangible divine principle reaches the substance below the physical matter. The old tradition of the Mysteries states that the divine afflatus shows itself through sound and that sound is light. From this is derived the power emanated by numbers, which are the concrete forms of sounds.

On this idea is based the sacredness of the letters of the alphabet, which the study of phonemes derives from. Especially the study of the Kabalah that uses the numeric and sonorous value of the Hebrew alphabet. Here we are again in front of the Door of Sound.

Besides of the 4 elements, the Square is the representation of the 4 levels of the cosmic conscience that reflects in the individual conscience. From this originates the aphorism of “what is above is what is below” and “man is made in the image and likeness of God”. Obviously it refers to energy, not to the apparent physical form.

This diagram represents in modern terms the 4 levels of conscience.

God geometrizes creating
4th level
Know Thyself, the Psyche
World of synthetic knowledge
3rd level
World of concrete Knowledge
{ World of emotional Experiences
Ether-physical Mind
{ World of instinctive experiences
2 nd level
Personality-Dense body -Brain
1 st level  

The symbolism uses a Square to indicate the Quaternary of the physical body (body, blood, thought, soul) to which a Triangle is overlapped to indicate the spiritual triad ( also called   Monad and symbolized by the eye in the equilateral triangle, symbol of spiritual perfection).

Athos A. Altomonte

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