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Understanding the service

The sentence « the bread of the Earth and the Knowledge only express themselves in the cooperation…», read by an aspirant and therefore interpreted literally (dead letter) could be misleading. We should know its occult principles.

Service (for humankind's benefit) originates by initiatory cooperation, but what is its characteristic? Certainly not the devotional mystification of the worship of images and pictures of saints or masters; neither is the use of incenses that rather characterizes the cults of personality and idolatry.

What is not service

Service is not what we like but what we should do to follow the principles of a project that might even be not fully clear to the aspirant, who knows little and therefore understands little.

This gives a rough outline of the idea.

The service doesn't originate by instinct of individualistic thrusts, or words, ideas or personal opinions.

We must highlight that the aspirants' duty is to aim at cooperation. This cooperation should regard the guidelines of a superior project that allows him to learn to grow inside, developing latent potentialities that are not those used in ordinary work and life.

This excludes any kind of spontaneity and self-management. These aspects in an initiatory environment are caused by proud and ignorant minds.

What is service

Initiatory cooperation is not a “free cooperation”, because only the voluntariness of the adhesion to the service is free. Its ideation, on the other hand, is always ruled by greater causes that have little to do with the pleasure of the operator. Aspirants and apprentices should think about this precept.

The greater cause can become source of the “project” of a guide, instructor or communicator that has reached the third initiation or more naturally.

This is not an irrelevant “detail”.

Looking at it in this way, it is clear that initiatory cooperation is something different from the association of minds and physical consciences. Cooperation is most of all discipline and obedience to the service and its sources.

Athos A. Altomonte

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