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A short introduction to Agni Yoga

M. Moyra 's books have always been translated from Russian into English and from English into other languages by members of the Agni Yoga Society.

The Agni Yoga Society was created by Nicholas and Helena Roerich , of whom you can find on Esonet both the pictures and the writings inspired to the spiritual Lamasery. Furthermore, Esonet has translated into Italian the Roerich Pact (Pax and Culture), a document of worldwide importance, signed by several heads of state.

Mr. and Mrs. Roerich (both Russian citizens) worked for over 40 years in Tibet in the White Lamasery; from there they took the teachings that later on they divulged all around the world with extraordinary results.

The Agni Yoga (literally “Union with the Fire”) is the most advanced of the Yogas divulged by the White Lamasery. The previous theosophists developed the first teachings of initiatory character of the Master D. K.; we might say they were an introduction to more advanced practices.

Those of MM Moyra, Koot Humi (K.H.), Djwal Khul (D.K.) together with others taught by the White Lamasery, compose a way of initiatory progress complete in every step.

If we compare Theosophy and Agni Yoga we must consider the time factor.

Theosophical teachings start from c1800 and go as far as the 30's. The teachings of Agni Yoga are succeeding, less scholastic and addressed to a more advanced sensitivity of conscience.

Besides the texts published by Esonet, more books on the Teaching of M. Moyra can be found in any good bookshop.


Athos A. Altomonte

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