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Seeing the aura

Everybody can learn how to see one aura, but not all of them and not all straight away. The vision of the aura depends on the evolutionary level of our inner instruments, the physical senses that will have to evolve up to become subtle perceptions. Man is able to relate only to what he can recognize because it is similar to himself. Therefore, before being able to perceive the subtle auras he will have to be focused on the correspondent level of conscience. Hence, who is focused on the most material plane of the physical conscience is able to see only the physical, concrete, superficial and literal correspondent of what he sees. This level is considered obscure.

Who is focused on the mental plane of the physical conscience can develop the ethereal and astral sight by seeing the ethereal aura, that is the halo of bio-energy that wraps bodies and objects and the astral aura that is the irradiation of the emotional and passional conscience. The majority of people stops here.

The most advanced minds focus on the subtle conscience of their conscience through empathy and from this “contact” they can develop a deep view, able to perceive not only the mental aura of the interlocutor, but also his intentions, even when they are hidden by words.

Beyond this energetic subtlety there is the vision of the superior mind that westerners call Pure Reason and easterners call buddhic level . Even though the definitions seem different they both mean “Light”.

We can so resume its meaning. In the more and more fluid contact between physical and subtle conscience more and more energies reach the mind. This electrifies it and energizes it, making its ideas brighter and its elaborations quicker and therefore it is enlightened.

It must be said that by superior mind we don't mean the ability to formulate abstract thoughts, but the perception of the conscience of the superior Ego. This produces the egoic vision, which is below the area of conscience called soul, obscured by the spiritual one.

The conclusion is that the mind sees only what corresponds to itself and perceives only what is in the range of its sensorial abilities. In other words, the mind sees only what it is itself.

In the ordinary world man recognizes only what he likes or what he is used to (astral) or what he knows (physical reason) but he is completely alienated by what belongs to the subtle planes of thoughts. For this reason, we can't advance if we don't make a contact between personality (I am this, I am that) and the superior conscience. It is not enough to be dedicated to the idea or to have good intentions; we must also learn how to build the contact between these two parts of ourselves.

Athos A. Altomonte

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