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Alchemy of the sexual Energy

«All Alchemy books are written in code therefore who doesn't know the key to the code of Sexual Magic can't understand Alchemy books. All the technicality of Alchemy books must be found in the sexual organs. All the works by Raimondo Lullo, Albert the Great, Sandivogius, Paracelsus and Nicolàs Flamel can be understood only through the supreme key of Sexual Magic» Samael Aun Weor

What Aun Weor wrote is and isn't true. It is true that transmutation of mind and conscience is an alchemic process based on sexual energy. It is not true that this has something to do with magic or magism.

Alchemy is not a myth but a reality which is difficult to understand if it is concealed by the mysterial vision, whilst it is very easy to recognize in the light of intellectual vision. An authoritative example of this is the book “Psychology and Alchemy” by C.G. Jung, father of depth psychoanalysis.

Esonet has already published a great deal on this subject. One example is the essay called “Spiritual Alchemy” of which we propose two passages here:

Alchemy is the study of the Energy of the matter. Spiritual Alchemy is the study of the Energy of the Form. The alchemist is the man who frees the energy from the matter. The Spiritual Alchemist is the man who frees the Energy from the Form.

De optimo maximo Artista
“In our sky we can see two luminaries. They indicate to us, as I tell you, the two lights of the great sky: Join these two, like a woman is taken to her man, so that the matrimonial status is happily produced in you. The change of elements occurs after that, with measure and rapidity, so that the form and the nature of the circle gently show its forces.”

Transmuting Alchemy
is a philosophical compendium close to modern science and the processes it promotes are psychic and conscientious journeys well known to psychoanalysis.

According to the axiom « the action follows the thought » Alchemy is a process of transmutation meant to modify the structure of the conscious (mind and vigilant conscience) and the sub-conscious (removed thoughts); in the reason or physical mind, it causes the precipitation of the super-conscious. In other words, the transformation of the elements (aspects) that make the mental energy, causes the subtle energy of the archetypical ideas to appear in the physical mind like a constant flow of intuitions and aspirations. Esotericism calls this flow of ideas: « knowledge by contact».

Alchemy, as we have said, is not a magic phenomenon but a first step in the interaction with the deep entities kept into the human heart. They are psychic entities created by ourselves through the emission of words, thoughts and actions. They live in us and they are self-determined, they push us to act in the direction of their instincts, driving us in choosing and deciding even against our interest. This is the mental level in which, in good or bad, the “ freedom of choice ” occurs; the latter doesn't have anything to do with “ Free Will” that is pure light of the intellect.

The difference between the two levels is unmistakable because freedom of choice, free but unconscious, originates the eternal complaints: alas! If I had known! Alas! If I had done it! Alas! If I had said it! Alas! If I had thought of it! This kind of regret doesn't normally accompany what has been done or said in the full light of intellect.

These psychic identities are our inner masks that Socrates divided into dèmoni (malign and rebel to the harmony of the soul) and demòni (fair and suitable to the harmony of the soul). In other words they are the guardian angels and the tempting devils of exoterical religions; modern science call them sub-personalities and they live in our psychic underground , the inner land that mythological metaphors used to call inferi.

The alchemist declares an ethical goal that is human progress

Alchemy uses ideograms and metaphors to describe the processes that make human mind and conscience advance. Metals (from lead to pure gold), for example, like the symbols representing animals, are the allegory of emotions, desires, thoughts and feelings that must be depolluted from the animal passion that surrounds them until they are transformed into neat thoughts.

Alchemy addresses the adept towards processes able to radically change his original energetic structure so that his identity is raised on subtler levels. This happens by “refining” the conscience and its sensorial attributes.

For example: in order to widen his sensitivity, the operator uses his will to change himself. Like old Commentaries teach: the Initiate learns to want, then to want what must be wanted and to do what must be done.

In alchemic transmutation sexual energy (in the East symbolized by the serpentine Fire Kundalini) is the comburent of the mind, of the superior Will and of the pure Reason.

White Mercury and alchemic sperm are words that can be misleading if interpreted literally, unless the meaning of the metaphor is known.

The word alchemic sperm refers to the bone marrow, conductor in the body, especially in the brain, of the nervous energy (electricity) that is closely connected to the development of mental sensitivity.

In the West the Caduceus of Hermes is the symbol of the dorsal spine of Man and of the process that occurs inside it, of which the alchemic sperm (bone marrow) is the prime substance. The two snakes represent the two energies (masculine and feminine) of human polarity. Where the two energies meet (Yin and Yang for Chinese people) originate those energetic wheels that Easterners call chakras.

The wings at the top of the dorsal spine represented in the Caduceus of Hermes (from Hermes Trismegistus, three times greatest) symbolize the “mental freedom” result of the evolution of conscience of the Initiate.

There's no doubt that the alchemic metaphors hide the steps of a School of Will where Athanor is the Initiate himself and heart and mind are “pots” in which the fire of spiritual conscience works.

This postulate gives us a specific direction. The “key” of Alchemy is in the relationship between sexual energy, will and creative thought. We can find this postulate in the most genuine initiatory cultures. The connection among Alchemy, transmutation and sexual energy resists the tendency to go back in time. We find it today in the principles of ancient Israel and in archaic civilizations like the brahminic one.

Let's see some examples.

Cabalists have hidden their mysteries in the Sephirothic Tree that in their view corresponds to the dorsal spine of man, the microcosm.

Kundalini (the serpentine Fire of Sanskrit and Brahminic philosophy) is coiled in Yesod (the sephiroth 9) or the Middle Pillar.

In the “ Greater Holy Assembly ” (paragraph 566) we read, concerning the Brain and membrane of the Brain of Microprosopus , whose entire body is taken like a glyph of the cosmos: From the third cavity there go forth a thousand times a thousand conclaves and assemblies, wherein Daath , Knowledge, is contained and dwelleth.. the Proverbs is written: in Knowledge ( Sephiroth Daath) shall the conclaves be filled and those three are expanded over the whole body, on this side and on that, and with them doth the whole body cohere and through the whole body they are expanded and diffused... (the sephiroth) Daath is situated in the point where the Abyss crosses the Middle Pillar and on top of the Middle Pillar there is the Path of the Arrow…

…the consciousness occurs when the psychic goes up the levels and also here there is Kundalini and we can see that in Daath there is the secret both of the generation and the re-generation, the key of the manifestation of all things through the differentiation in the couples of the Opposites and Their re-joining in a Third… The middle Pillar represents the consciousness and the two side Pillars represent the positive and negative aspects of the manifestation…

…it is noteworthy that in the Yoga (in Sanskrit: Union) system the consciousness grows when Kundalini rises through the central channel of the Shushumna and the magical western act of the Ascent of Levels occurs in the Central Pillar of the Tree; this means that the symbolism used to induce this extension of consciousness doesn't take the Sephiroth in their numerical order, starting from Malkuth, but it goes from Malkuth to Yesod and from Yesod to Tiphereth through what is called the Path of the Arrow…

The serpentine Fire of Kundalini is the symbol of the sexual energy that lies “coiled in itself” in the coccyx, that is the lower chakra of man. In its primitive form is in direct correspondence of the sexual organs, whose disordered starting can cause, amongst other fatal effects, that of bringing obsessive thoughts, compulsive attitude or an incontrollable sexual excitement in men and women.

In its lower aspect Kundalini is the force of physical procreation, of sexual pleasure connected to the reproduction of the species. When this develops it can become conscience of self, self-determination and the strength of thought.

Kundalini's energy in the West is Eros (sexuality), Psichè (creative mind) connected to Thanatos (the freeing of the previous forms).

The practical aspect of the Snake of Life is connected to the Will, which means to want, not in the sense of desire but of strong will.

The dynamic aspect of the physical-vital energy is expressed as will for good and bad; will to love and destroy. It is a dual aspect that is overcome by the most refined aspect of determining conscious and consequent choices. So much so that the full consciousness of self and every decision that involves the use of words, actions or gestures is the distinctive sign of an advanced mind.

We think these are the essential data for the right approach to Alchemy; that is leaving aside any fantastic aspect and learning how to use one's own energy in order to operate a genuine alchemic transmutation on oneself.

Athos A. Altomonte

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