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Talking as a disciple to become a Disciple

Since we are in the New Era (the Age of Aquarius) Esonet as well has committed to the activity that converges into what has been called “Exteriorization of the Hierarchy” ; it has been announced by the Masters that superintend every Ashram of “ray”.

The small contribution from Esonet is to propose, now and further on, an overall view on the teachings of the Three Masters of Wisdom. Starting from the Master D.K. (this is an “ancient name” of his that doesn't correspond anymore to his present incarnation in an English body); he gives a special attention to the “ Service” and the “ Way to Discipleship” .

As you can read in the last published article the “proselytism” of this Master is focused on the qualities of the Disciple and on his degrees of merit.

If one wants to go along the Way of the Disciple he must practice personal moral, orations, cult and devotion, but he should also add the study of subjects that deal with the relationships that could possibly connect him to the White Hierarchy. Starting from the status of Aspirant to that of Disciple.

The aim of an aspirant is not so much to “converse” with other aspirants on what he thinks right or interesting, but rather to commit in order to be “Accepted” in a Group (ashram) because he is “called” to collaborate to the Project of a Master.

The “Service” to which the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion address many “energies”, together with the “abilities” of the people who belong to their Ashram, is the everlasting contribution to the cause of the Common Welfare. It is a Welfare called Evolution and inner Progress which every Member of the human Family is called to.

Without going deeply into the “Cycles-Cadences and Rhythms” (emersion-growth-immersion-regeneration and new emersion: in other words, the 7 th ray) that “mark” the Times of the Work of Service of every Master, we could take note of the least acknowledged aspect of the attention that the Masters pay to us.

The least obvious part of the Service they render to Humankind is to “accept” the burden, the difficulty and the karma to promote new Disciples.

It is an important subject which is not much debated. The reason is that in the global economy of the planetary Service the work of educating new Aspirants is one of the longest and most difficult. It is made more complicated by the unconsciousness of the man who “advances in the dark”, tied to himself and to his ideas. It is a costly task in terms of energy and time that are therefore taken from the tasks to be carried out in the subtle worlds.

It is a chore and its results are often disappointing because many postulants give up. Furthermore we must consider the “karmic load” that involves both parts; the man who offers his help and the man who refuses it.

The only thing to do, then, is to appeal to those who feel the push to become disciples.

They must stop talking of and for themselves to start talking as disciples to become Disciples. This is why they have been offered the decisive help of a Teaching that is the only Way of the Disciple. Outside the everlasting Teaching transmitted by a Master, in fact, there can't be any Disciple.


Athos A. Altomonte

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