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Noble ferrymen
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Loneliness is the condition of the man who advances leaving himself (the leaden self) behind. He also separates from all those that can only recognize that minor metal. Therefore from a different point of view, loneliness can be seen as a privileged position, maybe heavy, but still an elitist one. When I say elected I don't mean only the major Initiates, but also those who allow to be directed on Their own Path. Those who build subtle Cathedrals in order to represent in the world of Ideas the principles stated by the great Elected are Workers for the Great Work. A Work whose physical Temples are only the shadow in the matter.

So it is said.

Everyone sooner or later must make the “great choice”. The choice of leaving behind the City of Illusion and make his way towards the crossing of the “burning desert”, loosing from their sight the inhabitants of that side whilst those who live in the opposite side are not in sight yet. Postponing is not useful.

When the decision is made one must not give in to melancholy, frequent illness of the uncertain traveler, because it would only be an obstacle on his way. Therefore the only thing to do is to grit one's teeth and speed up even if this inevitably brings pain. Great speed and great pain develop great resistance ; and this is the way that leads to the power of the Act of Will.

Not everybody is a “climber”, though. Many people are afraid of heights and prefer comfortable roads on which to linger. In these ways we find “spider webs” prepared by those who hunt for the blind ones, because they are the easiest “preys” to catch.

On the other hand no “Dark” adventures on the top or goes towards the “combat-hardened”.

At the end of the day why risk a hostile environment (the top) and the meeting with hardened Travelers when there are plenty of defenseless preys on the plateau? At this point you will “shout” to try and alert some of the possible victims, knowing that most of them will end up in the net and will die forever.

You can't grab someone's hand to pull him away unless he offers his hand. Otherwise you will risk interfering with his Karma and this is not allowed.

Therefore the only thing to do is to “shout from the distance” and wave, we can't do more than that. If a “blind one” pretends not to see, then, Karma. We must leave him to his destiny of death because he chose so.

This is the sense of Compassion for the irreversible death of the personalities who can't connect with the Ego ( Antahkarana Bridge ) all doomed to the complete dissolution.

This is very sad, especially for the foolish happiness often written all over the faces of those who go towards a painful destiny. Every personality lacks in Free Will. Without a connection with the superior Ego (the eye of the soul) the impermanent self has only freedom of choice and this is the biggest cause of trouble for the “blind ones”.

The most sagacious ones use the support of a walking stick (the living Teaching) to guide themselves and probe the ground they can't see; but it is necessary to know how to use the stick. If one is not able to do so, it would be better to rely on the guide of someone who can see better and knows the ground better.

Even in the desert there are many brothers who act like “ferrymen”. Among the most willing ones, the fastest go back and forth in order “to guide” the slowest travelers beyond the most solitary passage.

This makes their staying in the “burning desert” longer; but they don't mind, also because they know they are part of a wave in which they'll stay until even the last drop will be poured into the “next basin”.


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