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Effects of Volitive and Mental Magnetism – 1st Ray

By insisting again and again (“volli sempre volli” [ I wanted, strongly wanted – Note of the Translator] by V. Alfieri) the strength of the idea ends up by “moving” the “matter of the point” where is directed. It's up to us, then, to find a way of profitably managing energies (or human resources) that are attracted from (into) the Aura of Ray (!!).

This rule is always valid for any occasion but its effectiveness is doubled in the case of “Projects” at the Service of a Master or an Old Disciple of his.

It is doubled because if it is a true “act of Service” we will be also attracting energies of planes higher than those where we are “acting” with the will on the personal mind.

We can always count on some mechanisms for every action of ours. Their energetic quality, though, is different from case to case, that is it varies for intensity (vibration-color) according to the level of use (astral, mental, superior mental) and to the center where its energetic concentration occurs (Chakra of emanation).

I think that this fragment of information was already known to everyone. It could be widened, though, in order to learn how to become better Builders (of one's own life)…


Athos A. Altomonte

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