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The ladder of cosmic nourishment

Beyond any preference or personal principle, there are some rules about nourishment that can be considered “super partes”. They are rules that should be considered above personal opinions.

The “esoterical” side of this subject has been dealt with in Esonet in the article: « Esotericism and alimentary procedure ».

If we go beyond the basic notions, it is also taught how every level takes its nourishment from the one below or above.

I will save you a dissertation that would certainly bore many “writers”. I will limit to resume few parts of the cosmic process of the alimentary ladder.

Above material kingdoms there is the kingdom of Light (metaphorical and exoterical term), whose “descent” produces:

The mineral kingdom is “crystallized light”. That is mineralized cosmic energy. Therefore this kingdom of Nature (see in the Site “The Great Book of Nature”) has to be considered an epitome of planetary light.

This is the threshold of an underestimated subject referred to the “ Power of Stones ” (see esotericism of the royal crowns ). Not in the sense that popular credulousness has given it, but in the compendium of the quality of their energetic vibration given by the inner motion called: occult sound. This explains the sense of the Teaching called: the “ Stones that Talk ”.

The plant kingdom feeds on the previous one, that is it takes its nourishment from the kingdom below, the mineral kingdom. We won't linger over the occult details of the mineral and vegetable levels, whose aspects involve man's physiology. We can only add that by going deeper into this subject we would find the occult principles of Natural Medicine . This doesn't fight against the specific illness, that is only the “symptom” of a deep cause, but re-balances the inner energetic disharmony that produces the “uneasiness” so that the “superficial symptom” simply stops existing.

This subject will be widely dealt with when we will publish the teachings transmitted to us by Elena Roerich.

The animal kingdom takes its nourishment from the vegetable kingdom and as a consequence from the mineral one.

The predators are only the “unconscious guardians” of a mechanism of natural selection that I don't think necessary to deal with in this place.

I won't linger over the occult aspect of this level, although it interests the human nature.

The human kingdom is (mostly) part animal, part physical reason (Kama-manas) and in an embryonic form, also superior mind (Manas).

This apparent “dissociation” (see dualism) is in reality a precious point of junction between levels that, through the human conscience can be re-joined. They are levels of material substance, mental substance and spiritual substance , that is Matter-Thought-Spirit (see Triads).

From a superficial “hearing” of occult rules, some “apostles of wisdom” that were not wise , thought they found in the principles of the “alimentary ladder” a rule that was in actual fact only a result of their unskillfulness. The idea that man as well feeds on the previous kingdom.

Although from the formal and exoterical point of view this rule is likely, it is not correct to state this from a more advanced point of view, that is the initiatory one.

This “separation” originates from the misunderstandings of an exoterical view that didn't resort to an initiatory teaching, never fully exteriorized, with conflicts between the fronts of pros and cons; with ethical and moral battles without any loser or winner.

Reality is not difficult to discover, after all. It is enough to re-read it in the original principles, without paying attention to “old mistakes”.

I will resume.

The advanced human being (advanced in facts and not only in his speculations) is essentially “thought”.

The superior mind doesn't belong to the animal kingdom like its physical vehicle, then. The non-personal Mind, from its inner level, feeds on animal meat, but not on its own.

In other words: the superior Mind (the abstract thought called: Buddhi) takes its nourishment from its own exterior physicism , that is of an animal nature. Therefore it feeds on by assimilating energies from its own physical body.

This subject leads us to the sense of the “consecration of the matter” . Therefore through the “abstract thought” the Initiate transforms in pure energy the material element (that is the earthly substance and the “body” of the planet) that he takes “in himself”. It then supplies a volitive and conscious energy that can be made available for a non-personal Ideal (Service) for the Common Wellbeing. Even better, it can be available for the benefit of the spiritual hierarchy.

Here the alimentary substance (the body of the planet), in its “highest transformation”, can go back through the superior mind ( Buddhi ) towards the spiritual level (esoterical teaching of the Agni Yoga )

I won't linger over the occult aspect of this level, although it interests the human nature.

The spiritual kingdom takes its nourishment from the thoughts and feelings of superior order of the human kingdom. This explains the initiatory use of mantrams and invocations that answer to the Law of Evocation-Invocation (see Major Simile that evokes the minor simile).

The ritual Evocation-Invocation ( 7 th ray ), though, doesn't have much to do with the common devotional prayer. The latter is only a hope for faith and not the certainty of faith (see Spiritual Fire – Agni) that, on the opposite of hope, is an Act of initiatory Will, able to transmute the mental substance with the Power of the Word.

I won't linger over the occult aspect of this level, although it interests the human nature.

On the other hand, according to the law of retaliation, the “ obscure kingdom” (which I don't want to mention) that is the antithesis of the “kingdom of Light” (but this is only an exoterical definition, too) feeds on human thoughts, the lowest, the most indecorous and passional ones. It feeds on the so-called “sins” that they have suggested themselves (temptations) and bred into the human passions, even those that seem to be well meant.

I won't linger over the occult aspect of this level, although it interests the human nature.

Every true Aspirant should remember Dante's words: the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. We talk a lot about Soul whilst swimming in the translucent sea of Illusions (Maya).

Athos A. Altomonte

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